Our school offers different programs for your child's needs.

Ready for School

International Preschool and Kindergarten

An English Preschool and Kindergarten for students age group

2, 3, 4 and 5 years old

Reading with Magnifying Glass

Lighthill Global Christian Academy International Preschool and Kindergarten is an international Christian school that aims to create a fun and creative learning environment for children. We have various teaching methods enabling children to learn based on their learning style and what interests them individually. We are a Christian school, which means our teachings are based on the Bible. We focus on Biblical character by teaching the children to be respectful and kind with their words and actions by showing love to all people. We teach them right from wrong and how to make good decisions. Our goal is to give them an excellent foundation to become successful people in every aspect of life.

We are an International School, and we use English as our primary language of instruction in classes. We focus on language immersion, which means that the children are immersed in a “language bath.” They hear, speak and learn the language in authentic everyday contexts and experience it in their familiar surroundings. This way, they learn English as naturally as their mother tongue, without too much pressure or vocabulary stress. The immersive method places great emphasis on facial expressions and gestures. The children can thus understand what is being said from the context. As receptive skills increase and reading and listening comprehension improves, the children gradually absorb the new language into their everyday language use. 

We offer various subjects, including English, Japanese, math, Bible, science, social studies, art, music, and physical education. We encourage a natural learning method through movement, exploration, experimentation, and play by providing learning centers and hands-on activities. We utilize modern technology in the classroom by using computers and tablets that allow children to interact with the learning material and provide great visual aids. In addition, our daily routine supports our students gain self-help skills that develop independence such as self-feeding, independent dressing and grooming, hygiene and toileting, and helping with daily chores like setting the table and picking up toys. 

After School

An afternoon program for Kindergarten and Elementary School students to play and learn more English centered in Global Studies

Elementary Classroom

Lighthill English After School Program is attached to our International Preschool and Kindergarten program and is open to Kindergarten and Elementary students from other schools. Our central theme for this program is Global Education. This program aims to improve learners' awareness of the world and support them as they become more caring global citizens. Each month, we will choose a country to explore and learn about their culture. 

We begin our class with Circle Time, where the students can practice phonics, alphabets, vocabulary words, songs, and key dialogues. Our activities include basic reading and writing, story time to improve listening skills, and arts and crafts. We have learning corners where students can do role-playing and imaginative play connected to the country we are studying. The students will have time to interact with their Bilingual friends through play which is essential in improving their social skills. We will also serve snacks before the start of the program. 


Biweekly English classes for Elementary students who are fluent in English

Learning Pod

Lighthill Advanced English Class is a class for elementary students who have graduated from an international kindergarten or preschool, moved back to Japan after attending local schools abroad, come from a native-speaking English home, or have an intermediate to advanced level of English for their age. It is for students who wish to continue their English education at a native English pace parallel to their peers abroad while still attending local Japanese elementary schools. 

We use an American literature-based curriculum that focuses on teaching reading, writing, grammar, and spelling using enriching popular modern and classic books. Our materials include teacher read-aloud books that promote listening skills, build vocabulary and fluency, and stir the students’ imaginations. It also includes student-read books to improve reading skills that correlate with discussion topics to promote reading comprehension and improve conversation skills. In addition, there are writing assignments to increase creative, persuasive, and informative writing styles as well as grammar and spelling lessons. 


A Saturday English program for Kindergarten and Elementary students

Learning is Fun

School Fees and Class Schedule

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School Fees - English

School Fees - Japanese

International Preschool and Kindergarten and English After School Program Class Timetable

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